Tokaji tablecloth - Interactive table

The visitor can choose between different gastronomic contents on an interactive multimedia control application.

With the help of the application, we can get to know different table settings and dishes in a playful way, which are organized around wine as the main medium.

What do we eat for?

  • Hárslevelű ― Recommended after Újházy chicken soup or goulash + stuffed cabbage, poultry
  • Tokaji is sweet to be sad ― after sweets
  • 4-5 puttonyos tokaji aszú ― sajt, gyümölcs, feketekávé után
  • Semi-sweet furmint ― for salty, cheese cakes
  • Ó-Furmint ― for roasts, game meats, fish dishes
  • Furmint ― for warm appetizers, e.g. mushroom), for roasted liver, kidney marrow, stew
  • Dry roasting ― roasts, mutton stew, leg of pork, home-made pork loin, for stews, game dishes, fish
  • 3, 4, 5-hole aszu ― for foie gras, cakes, fruits

Tastes, smells

Szilvalekvár │ In the Tisza and Bodrog floodplains, before the regulation, there were huge floodplain orchards, mainly plum trees, from which plum jam was made. Plum jam was the main flavoring of fried and cooked pasta dishes in the region. It is traditionally cooked in a red copper cauldron, for which a cauldron is built. The cauldron is often filled with mud. The split plums are freed from the seeds and pieces of skin by straining, and then cooked until thick.

Quirce cheese │ Due to Turkish influence, it spread in Hungary and became a popular delicacy. The chopped quince is cooked to a pulp with sugar and poured into a mold.

Pumpkin │ Baked in the oven, it is still a popular autumn-winter delicacy.

Erdőbényei sheep cheese │ Juhmolya is the simplest type of cheese. Many times it is not even called cheese, but lump curd. When the clot is ready, it is placed in a small filter cloth and then allowed to drain under its own weight for two days. It is not pressed, and this is how the characteristic shape - somewhat similar to a bread shape - is formed. In the end, they get a cheese with a looser structure and a slightly creamier taste as a final product. The lump can be kept for two or three weeks. Fits 4-5 puttony Tokaji aszu.