When you get down to the cellar, the ‘Gönci’ barrels are lined up along the wall in the inner branch, with benches and tables in front of them, tempting you to enjoy a glass of fine wine. In front of the entrance, next to the press, Hegyalja's special ‘technical achievement’, a scaled so-called ‘aszú sorting table’.

Since the 16th century, several technics of sorting the ‘aszú’ berries have become widespread. In addition to collecting in an apron and then in larger containers, the most effective way of sorting was the use of ‘aszú sorting tables’ and boards. The harvesters put the bunches full of aszú berries into ‘puttony’, and after they were placed on the sorting table, they were selected and processed by careful female hands.

The museum's new, permanent mining exhibition can be seen in the inner wing.