Hall of legends

In the hall, we can get to know the important people connected to Tokaj, who were placed in the sculpture park created in the courtyard of the neighboring Synagogue.

The dreamer and implementer of the sculpture park (also the originator of the design and implementation of our hall) is the Tokaj Foundation.

A special book can also be seen here: the original copy of the Tokaj-Hegyaljai Album published in 1867, which represents a significant source value, not only from the point of view of winemaking and viticulture, or geology, but also from the perspective of history.

Tokaj mountain as a witches' homestead

According to the beliefs and testimonies about witches, every nation and country has its own "witch" mountain, which is the site of terrifying witches' sabbaths and initiation ceremonies. According to the court documents, Hungarian witches gather on Gellért Hill or Tokaji Hill. It was assumed that these were pagan cult places in the past, but it is also not impossible that only the wine region full of wine cellars attracted the "witches" there.

The poet Erzsébet Lónyay's poem from "1809" created by Sándor Weöres preserves the memory of the former witches' Saturdays in Hegyalja:

I sit on a broom handle,
I fly in a storm,
The roads are below me
Earthworm climbs,

Below me the mountains
Mole hikers,
Under me the rivers
Crawling silver snakes,
Under me the houses
Red gray berries.

To the mountain of Tokaj
To the very top
To my fellow witch
I go to have fun,
Eat toads,
Drink sulfur flames.

Fejér tsetsemők
I will take his left leg
And I will open it up,
I will take his right leg
And I will open it up,
I will fry it with a spark.

If I don't get there,
I fall out of a plane,
I stretch out in the field,
They pick me up in pieces,
They bury me.

Tokaj, spring 1809 (Sándor Weöres: Psyche The writings of an ancient poetess)