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Wine binders, tub piercers, outlaw girls - forgotten crafts in the wine region.

Hegyalja, which bases its livelihood exclusively on viticulture, abounded in special crafts. The construction of the terraces, the repair of the maturing and transport barrels, the guarding of the vines and, of course, the winding of the vines and wine cellars all required special craftsmanship.

Until the 17th century, when iron tires became widespread in the wine region, the knowledge of winemakers was indispensable. They were the coopers who replaced and repaired the expanded hazel cane tires connected to the berk, i.e. willow cane, which weakened over time, when the wine started to drain from the barrel. It was a thankless profession, because if the tire-binding shaft snapped - this often happened, for example, when the spring temperature changed - the problem had to be rectified immediately, and even the price of the must and wine that had spilled had to be reimbursed.

The vineyard workers who came in large numbers from the surrounding and more distant regions - men, girls, women - were called outlaws in the wine region. At that time, the term referred to itinerant workers living off occasional work, and the meaning of "wanderer, roadie" only gained strength later on. The grape shepherds often came from abroad, who protected the crops with clappers and rifles against theft, but especially against birds that destroy the grapes.

The role of winemakers, wine judges, lees watchers, and vats, entrusted with the collection of grapes and wine, began already at the time of harvest and lasted until the wine was measured in the pub. Since the various landlord and church taxes were collected from the must, the most obvious way to reduce the burden was that the grape farmers tried to leave the pomace as "soup" as possible, which they processed at home "tax-free". In order to curb these abuses, the lees seers were employed, who checked whether there was any must left on the lees, and the tub piercers dripped the juice belonging to the landlord through the tap with the help of a long stick. We can get to know each other