European wines, European passengers

The landscape and the natural environment tell the story of the relationship between wine and Europe; about wine regions and grape varieties; about the built heritage and innovative architectural innovations of the cellars and wine regions; about the intellectual and cultural values of the wine region, the typical language and cultural colors of the region.

World Heritage Wine Regions of Europe I. │ Wine regions of Southern Europe, the Mediterranean and the sea (map-room)

  • Italy ― CinqueTerre Nemzeti Park
  • Italy ― Montalcino (Val d’Orcia)
  • Portugal - Alto Douro
  • Portugal - Alto Douro
  • France ― Loire Valley

EUROPEAN WORLD HERITAGE WINE REGIONS II.│Wines of the regions of Central European rivers and lakes (gallery)

  • Austria ― Lake Fertő / Neusiedler See
  • Austria ― Wachau
  • Germany ― Middle Rhine Wine Region
  • Switzerland ― Lavaux