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Borászat és klímaváltozás

Új, állandó kiállítással bővült a Tokaji Múzeum és a Világörökségi Bormúzeum!

„5D” Attrakció – Ne csak nézd! Szagold,
tapintsd, halld és ízleld!

A new visual element, a 5D painting at the World Heritage Wine Museum!

About the World Heritage Wine Museum

Tokaj, world heritage, wine and museum - a unique attraction in the country.

European wines, European passengers

World Heritage Wine Regions of Europe I. │ Wine regions of Southern Europe, the Mediterranean and the sea (map-room)

The Tokaj Wine Region

In the northern grape-growing belt of the Carpathian basin, grape cultivation of outstanding importance was already taking place in the 16th century...

Tokaji tablecloth - Interactive table

The visitor can choose between different gastronomic contents on an interactive multimedia control application.

Fragrance, Spice Store, Wine Shop

Vine and wine culture and the wine region, grapes and wine are not only associated with tastes, but also smells.

The grape tells the story

With the help of contemporary sources, we can trace the order of cultivation of the Hegyalja vineyards from the 16th century.

The science of cooperage

A large number of merchants and industrialists lived in the market towns of Tokaj-Hegyalja based on viticulture: in 1900, 41.1% of the population was in Tokaj, 32.1% in Tolcsván, and 52.6% in Sátoraljaújhely.

The history of the Gönc barrel

If there is something that is praised all over the world, it is above all Tokaj wine, it has reached its appreciation in all parts of the world...

Directional wheel for cellar tours

Wine binders, tub piercers, outlaw girls - forgotten crafts in the wine region

The Tokaji legends

The golden rod, the world's most expensive wine, is kosher Tokaji.
Legends about Tokaj wine.

Hall of legends

In the hall, we can get to know the important people connected to Tokaj, who were placed in the sculpture park created in the courtyard of the neighboring Synagogue.