Tokaj Museum

3910 Tokaj, Bethlen Gábor utca 7. 

Wine Museum

3910 Tokaj, Serház út 55.

Two museums are one institution in the city of Tokaj.

The Tokaj Museum (Bethlen Gábor u. 7.) has been renovated. Reopened in March 2016, its updated exhibitions present the flora and fauna of Hegyalja, the ecclesiastical art objects of the Béres Collection, and the hidden treasures of the museum! The history of Tokaj Castle is told in the exhibition space on the ground floor by the collections of objects found during the archaeological excavations. We arranged an ethnographic display in the attic. The salon on the first floor will be a venue for discussions and presentations worthy of its status. The basement of the listed building will soon offer even more new features.
The World Heritage Wine Museum (Serház u. 55) is a member institution of the Tokaj Museum, which presents our country's only world heritage wine region, the cultural landscape of the Tokaj Mountains' historic wine region and other world heritage wine regions in Europe, in an unusual way. In the 2,000 m2 usable floor area of the former Serház building, you can explore Tokaj and its surroundings by car, bicycle, or even by airship. In addition to the exhibited material, Illattéka, Fűszertár and Wine Shop are waiting for you to explore!

The combination of the World Heritage Wine Museum and the Tokaj Museum holds special adventures. Try it in person!


Our short films presenting the permanent exhibitions of the two museums.

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A Világörökségi Bormúzeum (Serház út 55.) és a Tokaji Múzeum (Bethlen G. út 7.) 2023. december 17.  és  2024. január 31. között ZÁRVA tart.

Nyitás: 2024. február 01. csütörtök 9:00 óra.

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